The Professor

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The Professor

The Professor

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The professor who overflows with knowledge and imagination.
The professor who tells you everything except what you wanted to hear.
The professor who speaks to himself because no one listens to him.

Being the professor was tough, but I had no idea who else I could be.
Talking was the only way I could confirm that I exist.
I had no idea what else I could do – it was impossible for me to do otherwise.

Therefore people feared me.
Would I talk about my queer theories again?
Would I flood them with ‘irrelevant’ facts?
They ignored me. I talked louder. They ignored me more.
In the end, I also ignored them.

Published in 2005, Mirror Mind was Eric's first book on autism. Based on 5 poems in the book, a set of 5 posters were created by Eric to promote Mirror Mind.