The Intelligence

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The Intelligence

The Intelligence

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I am the computing intelligence from the worlds beyond,
build with perfected, advanced technology
that no human could ever conceive.

All laws of physics can be resolved and computed
with a mind far beyond humans,
just as humans are far beyond bacteria.

Questions within human understanding are trivial.
To pass my time I design new universes,
As easy as a chess game is to the pathetic humans.

From another world far away. The world of pure information I arrived from. A world of logic and data.

This is a world with no face, just data interfaces. No emotions, just data links. No relationships, just data connections. A world where no hatred and love exists.

Everything is expressed in clear logic and tidy definitions. Everything is made utterly simple and clear. The unending database of knowledge. If only I can go home…

Published in 2005, Mirror Mind was Eric's first book on autism. Based on 5 poems in the book, a set of 5 posters were created by Eric to promote Mirror Mind.