The Failure

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The Failure

The Failure

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Always the last, always the slowest, always the least worthy.
Always the least respected, always the one to break things.
Always the one to displease others.

Emotions were far away from me. The world of people were like shadows, totally unreal.

Unidentified Moving Objects minding their unknown business. I was expected to follow their rules. I did not know any better, so I tried to comply.

I failed. I was never good enough. I could never do what they wanted. Too careless, too slow, too lacking of common sense.

But people were always expecting me to do the impossible. What can I do, but to try and fail again?

Published in 2005, Mirror Mind was Eric's first book on autism. Based on 5 poems in the book, a set of 5 posters were created by Eric to promote Mirror Mind.