Small Mighty Me is inspired by the Small Mighty Nation of Singapore, one of the most prosperous, influential and safest nations in the world despite its tiny size. The owner of Small Mighty Enterprises, Eric, believes that no matter how disadvantaged we are, we can find our unique way to thrive in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

This shop sells messages personally crafted by Eric to inspire people to choose effective approaches when facing Life’s challenges. These materials are designed to have simple text and no background pictures to accommodate those with sensory processing difficulties. As with all of Eric’s personal projects, this web store is designed and constructed by Eric without engaging external help.

This web store is a collaboration between Eric and a father who is training his autistic child how to run an online business. Eric provides the intellectual property rights and technical support, while the father and son team provides the logistical and customer service support.

Eric wishes to bring messages that have inspired himself to other autistic people. He originally intended to publish only books but found a potentially more effective way to reach this audience through using posters and T-shirts.